Our mission is to empower organisations to create thriving workplaces that prioritise growth and wellbeing for all


Welcome to our lab! 👋 We’re a small team of business psychologists and behavioural & wellbeing experts on a mission to improve the workplace. We’re based in London, UK, work globally and our team is multilingual 🌎


We go beyond the traditional band-aid solutions and deploy our psychological knowledge to give scientifically-based solutions to HR and People’s issues. Delivering deep insights and tailored solutions, we partner closely with organisations to create lasting impact. We’re here to be your trusted collaborator on the path to positive employee experiences.


We use advanced diagnostic tools to gain deeper insights into your organisation’s employee experience, including wellbeing, culture and more.

We also deliver targeted interventions through workshops, training, and 1:1 interventions to create positive and lasting change within your organisation.

By combining our diagnostic tools with our targeted interventions, we help organisations create a workplace culture that supports the wellbeing and success of all employees.

🔍  Diagnostic tools : Quantitative / Qualitative 
🛠️ Interventions tools: Workshops, Training Sessions, 1:1 Consultations, Off the Shelf solutions


Developed by psychologists, our tools focus on critical areas such as employee wellbeing, organisational culture, diversity & inclusion, leadership and more.

Bespoke tools can also be designed and deployed according to your organisation’s needs.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Our diagnostic tools go beyond traditional surveys to uncover up to 90% more data. With deep insights we provide a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s pulse. These insights serve as a springboard for targeted strategies and interventions.

Impactful Interventions: Through personalised and off-the-shelves solutions, we equip your workforce with the skills and mindset needed to thrive. From improving wellbeing and mental health in the workplace to enhancing collaboration and communication, our interventions unlock the true potential of your organisation.

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We’re always available for a coffee chat ☕, email us to schedule a call or for more info: [email protected]